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IT’S times like these that having a partner who’s a footy player too pays off.

Roosters outside back Karina Brown was given the all clear from a broken jaw and will take the field in the NRL Women’s Premiership next week.

But to make sure she’s ready for anything she plans to have partner and Roosters teammate Vanessa Foliaki, a forward, put a couple of hits on her first.

“It was good to get the clearance on Friday,” Brown said. “My surgeon was funny actually. I said ‘are you sure it’s clear?’ He said, ‘It’s going to hurt, but it’s fine.’

Vanessa Foliaki and Karina Brown after they faced off in State of Origin. Pic: Adam Head

Vanessa Foliaki and Karina Brown after they faced off in State of Origin. Pic: Adam HeadSource:News Corp Australia

“I’m going to get Ness in the backyard this week and get her to put me down a few times so I can get in my head what it’s going to feel like. But I’m going to be OK.

“I’ve been through four or five surgeries before this so I’m a seasoned campaigner when it comes to rehab. I’ll be fine.”

There’s no protection Brown can use for the injury so she’s ready to take whatever might come her way and even plans to practice some agility moves to prevent any bad hits to her face.


If your going to do something, give 100% 😂

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“There’s nothing for it. (Headgear) doesn’t cover the jaw at all. There’s nothing you can do. If I get hit and it goes wrong, then it goes wrong, that’s footy,” she said at the Roosters Women’s launch on Tuesday night.

“But I’m banking that it’s going to be all right. Hopefully no one out there comes out with a swinging arm. I’ll duck, do some boxing to make sure I can duck under it.”

The Roosters are a couple of weeks into training with their full squad since the conclusion of the state competitions on August 11.

The Sydney city team has honed the style they plan to unleash on the inaugural competition.

Brown captained Queensland this year. Pic: Adam Head

Brown captained Queensland this year. Pic: Adam HeadSource:News Corp Australia

With a host of well-known state and international representatives in the side, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to dazzle in attack.

They also have been making sure they’re defensively sound to shut down the three other clubs hunting the first ever women’s title.

“We’re hoping to project a bit of flair. More of an attacking-style game. We want to give the fans something to really get excited about. At the end of the day, defence wins games as well, so there’s been a focus on defence,” Brown said.

“It’s a team that can defend the best that will win.

“But in terms of a bit of creativity and flair, we definitely have a few cards up our sleeve.”

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